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PKR TO POKERSTARS hand converter for Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager.

  • Our handconverter supports No Limit Holdem cash games: Heads up, 6-max and 10-max. Allowing you to keep track of you and your opponents stats in realtime.(See screenshot)                                             
  • The converter works by taking the original PKR hand history file and converting it to the same format as PokerStars hand history.                                                                                
  • It has been tested with thousand of hands and 99.99% accurate (some cases occur such as when you get a disconnection from PKR during a hand and the complete PKR hand history is not written properly)                    
  • Converted hand histories have been tested on PokerTracker 3 and Holdem Manager and they correctly keep track of profit/loss and win rates along with keeping vpip/pfr/af and other vital stats of you and your opponents.                         
  • Learning how to win at slots is alot easier than learning how to make money with poker. The key to successful slot play includes bankroll management, knowing how to stay within your budget and never chasing your losses.                   
  • Older PKR hand histories which have no time stamp can also be processed and are given a default date and then can be imported into your tracker.                                                    
  • The converter costs 19 euro and payment can be made through moneybookers, paypal, pokerstars transfer or full tilt transfer.
Screenshot: PKR Converter running with Holdem Manager + HUD

 Screenshot: PKR Converter running with Poker Tracker 3 + HUD